About Me

Recent Experience

I have spent most of the past 10 years working as a truck driver hauling freight around 48 states and Canada. This job allowed me to homeschool my son as a single parent.

Why I am Attending Epicodus

I am attending the Epicodus bootcamp because I want to refresh my programming skills and learn about the current tools and techniques in web development. I am especially excited about taking the Java/Android track and learning mobile development. I picked Epicodus over other bootcamps in the area because I like the integrated approach that makes best practices like version control and test-driven development a normal part of every class - giving me a chance to develop good habits and not just a theoretical understanding of them.

Relevant Experience

Previous work experience includes programming and web development for OPB/PBS, Stampin' Up!, Lockheed Martin, Netpoint, Galaxy Mall, and Dentrix Dental Systems. These jobs provided me with experience in many programming languages including: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python/Django, Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET, FORTRAN, Java, and C/UNIX. In addition, I have experience with project management, gathering and documenting requirements, writing proposals, writing technical specifications, editing user manuals, providing technical support, developing and presenting training to teams, and agile development in it's early phases.

Hobbies & Interests

I discovered the world wide web in 1995 while trying to distribute a (Visual Basic) shareware program I wrote in my free time. I fell in love with web design then because it combines several of my favorite hobbies like art, writing, and photography with the interesting challenge of coding to make everything work together. I have created websites for myself and others (mostly non-profits) using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and PHP as well as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. I also enjoy puzzles, sci-fi/fantasy (reading/writing/tv/movies/games), and outdoor adventures.

Educational Background

  • Bootcamp, Epicodus (2016)
  • BS Information Technology, University of Phoenix (2003)
  • AS Computer Science, Certified Careers Institute (1991)
  • AA General Studies, Oregon Institute of Technology (1987)