Karen Freeman-Smith

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Karen has been building websites and programming web applications, both personal and professional, since 1995, using HTML/CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery), PHP/mySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki, Pligg, and Elgg. She earned her BS degree in IT with an emphasis in Business Systems Analysis from the University of Phoenix in 2003 with a 3.98 gpa.

Karen's work experience includes Web Programmer and Business Analyst positions for multiple Internet companies, and Sr. Systems Analyst for Lockheed Martin on a government contract with Dugway Proving Ground for 4 years. She specializes in data-driven web applications, user-friendly data entry screens, and report generation in both MLM and military applications. Internet Marketing and other skills...

Karen is a single parent with two children: 14 & 23. She is also a former truck driver and homeschooling mom from Eugene, Oregon, who is writing a memoir about her years as a truck driver.

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